University of Wyoming

Hello Friends!

In partnership with the College Swimming Coaches Association of America, we have been selected to pilot a new model for alumni relations. We are one of the first teams selected for this program that hopes to reconnect swimming & diving alumni with their programs. For us, I’m seeking your help for three reasons:

The Past: We want to know our alumni – The healthiest programs do so over generations of coaches. We want to know what helped make your experience great and build on that as we move forward.

The Present: We want to support our current swimmers - We have successful alumni and we want our current student-athletes to know that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. We also want to help provide our student-athletes opportunities to network, obtain internships and understand that upon graduation, they are joining an elite and exclusive club.

The Future: Recruits Want to Know About Outcomes - Today's recruits are looking for results - in the pool and in the classroom. The best way to do this isn’t through facts & figures, but rather by examples and stories. I want to show prospective student athletes how an education here can help them get ahead.

This questionnaire will bring us up-to-date on you. Everything is optional. We will use it to keep in contact, assist current student-athletes, and build a database of alumni that can help recruits see what they can accomplish.

Thank-you in advance for your assistance!

David Denniston, Head Coach

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