Swimming & Diving Alumni Network is an initiative from the College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA).

The strongest programs are those where coaches provide excellent student-athlete experiences, and subsequently cultivate a strong network of alumni and friends who support the program – financially or not. Conversely, when a program is at risk, or cut, the most important element to change the decision is the rallying of alumni support. In many of these cases, coaches (especially newer coaches) do not have these connections.

SwimAlumni bridges this gap by serving as an Alumni Association – for swimmers & divers!

Benefits – Coaches

Most coaches get into the profession not because of recruiting, compliance or fundraising, but rather because of their passion for the sport. To be successful in today’s environment, however, today’s coach must excel in each of these areas. Swim Alumni provides coaches:

  • an efficient and meaningful tool to reconnect with their alumni,
  • the information that can strengthen their position within their own school’s alumni association and development administrators

Benefits – Current (and Future) Alumni

While Facebook and LinkedIn have enabled teammates to keep in touch with one another, SwimAlumni aims to reconnect swimmers and divers with one another. Beyond the social aspects, swimming and diving alumni are extremely successful in their professional lives. Connecting on a professional level can create opportunities for advancement or professional development.

This benefit also extends to future alumni. The lifeblood of any employer, is the ability to attract and retaining talent and SwimAlumni can provide them with a source of highly-motivated, successful talent. At the same time, today’s economy necessitates that graduates have more than just a degree. SwimAlumni can provide them other alumni who can provide networking opportunities, internships and professional advice.

Benefits – The Swimming Community

It is no secret that Olympic sports are increasingly in jeopardy of elimination. In such cases, the most important element to change the decision has been the rallying of alumni support. When athletic directors, presidents and even legislators learn how many doctors, lawyers, educators and other successful alumni passed through their university because of swimming and diving they oftentimes reconsider their decision. Collectively we are able to show how a team benefits their institution fiscally, academically, athletically and financially.


How is this information used?

You will notice we ask A LOT of questions. In every case, they are optional. Our goals are two-fold. First, we want to provide coaches with information that will help them develop or strengthen their alumni network. Second, we provide anonymized economic and academic information to the CSCAA in order to strengthen their lobbying efforts on behalf of all college and swimming programs.

How do I participate?

Coaches and institutions opt-in to the SwimAlumni program. A handful of schools are participating in a pilot program. Participation is available to current CSCAA members. To learn how your team can participate, contact Greg Earhart.